Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blissful Byron Bay

Byron Bay - Tuesday 13th April, 2010 9pm

Today's trip was from Tuncurry, NSW to Byron Bay - I am now only about 3 hours from home and feeling tired but a lot better for being here.

Today was fun - I picked up the Viscount and she is a little beauty! Driving during the day I got to see all that I had missed out on during the trip down in the dark. The scenery was beautiful and it was the perfect day for driving - clear blue skies, a slight cool breeze. Nice! We crossed many rivers and narrow bridges as we headed back North from the lakes district and back into banana and sugar cane country.

Of course, continuing on my theme of "the van with the big..." series of photos - I had to stop (and park illegally mind you!) for the compulsory van-with-the-big-banana (Coffs Harbour), and van-with-the-soon-to-be-decommissioned-big-prawn shots (Ballina) before we headed off the Pacific Highway and onto the Coast Road through Lennox Heads and into that sumptious, lush wildnerness that surrounds Byron Bay.

After settling into the most conveniently-placed "First Sun" Caravan Park right on the beach in the heart of Byron Bay it was time to enjoy a long hot shower, some electricity and to take in the nightlife of Byron on a Tuesday night which is, surprisingly, quite vibrant! We just came back from having a pasta meal and a glass of wine and a taste of some local live music at the funky "Railway Friendly Bar". Tired now, so I'm going to crawl into bed - Trent has already crashed out and he wasn't even the one driving!

Tomorrow we'll have time for a quick swim in the surf and I'm hoping to get some nice photos of that famous lighthouse - then it will be back on the road for the homeward journey - back to life - and back to reality!

But I am pretty sure there'll be many more adventures to come from now on...

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