Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pimp my ride...

It's been a long time between posts with me busy working on the magazine and the new book and I've had quite a few people write and ask me when I was going to post again...

The big question on my mind for the past six months or so has been the paintwork on the Cresta.
Pink or blue? Pink or blue? Pink or blue?
I've been driving everyone crazy asking for second, third, one hundredth opinions as I found myself quite unable to make a decision and wondering why was this so hard?

I have wanted to buy an old car, do it up and paint it pink for a very, very long time.
When I bought the Cresta, I thought I would do it up over a few years as I could afford to and then, once it was all fixed up and running well, I would paint it pink, redo the upholstery in white and make it look oh so pretty.

Having now replaced practically every component under the bonnet of the car, that time has come...

The Cresta is now in the paint shop getting prepped for paint. Pink or blue?

Pink is my favourite colour ever, but I must admit that the soft blue of the Cresta has also grown on me a bit over the years too, and pink and blue together kind of work too.
Would a pink car with a white roof look too much with an all pink caravan? Maybe if I painted the top half of the caravan white too like this duo - awesome!

I have changed my mind about what colour I want my car to be about ten times in the past few months.
If this is the final step in my long-held dream then why do I feel so anxious about it? Why did the thought of painting my car pink suddenly see me questioning myself? I had fears... Yes, real fears, and when I analysed them, I realised that all of those fears were about worrying about what OTHER people would think of my pink car.  I'm told that pink is not a good colour for resale... like as if I am ever going to sell the Cresta! D'uh!

When I put photos of pink car and caravan combos on the Vintage Caravan Magazine Facebook page everyone goes crazy for them.  When I asked VCM readers what colour they thought I should go, the most popular response by far was "Go pink!".  But still I hesitated...
Because a lot of men seem to really hate pink and I do not want to alienate them?
A lot of men also tell me that my Cresta is a piece of crap and to get rid of it, but that just makes me love her even more.  I love that she is so different from any other car you will ever see on the street.  I love that nobody knows what kind of car it is.  I love that it is unique.  I love that it is mine.
Oh how I love that car!
Pink or blue...