Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seeing Pink

Pink Cars & Caravans...

In my never-ending search for my perfect pink dream car I came across this link to a website in the U.K that just deals in, would you believe it, PINK CARS!!!! Check out
How mad is that? So, I'm not alone and it feels strangely reassuring that there are others out there like me wondering if they too, are the only nutters on the planet with this peculiar penchant for pink.

So what is it about pink? Although one of my mates hinted at some kind of pseudo-psychological deep and meaningful explanation for my desire to pink up my caravan and my car (he's a bloke - they'll never get it!) I have found a more justifiable reason: growing up as a tomboy.
When I was a kid I thought pink was gross. Girly things such as barbies and ballet and tutus just didn't interest me. When I was given the choice, I chose to have my bedroom painted in my favourite colours of the time; green and yellow. Not out of patriotism, but because of my admiration of all things natural.
I just wanted my space to be green like the forest and yellow like sunflowers.
Now I'm all grown up, I realize I may have missed something in my repulsion for pink. Pink is to me now, soothing, fun, playful, represents all that is girly, makes me happy and, the best bit is that most guys won't be seen dead in it! And no, aforementioned friend who alludes to similarities to the inside of my van to the inside of, well, um, you work it out! Au contraire, mon ami. It was meant to KEEP YOU GUYS OUT! 

Now, because too much pink is never enough, here is my own personal collection of pink car and caravan photos I've taken or collected. Enjoy!