Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cresta gets pinked!

Well the decision was made and after much deliberation, hesitation and contemplation the Cresta is now pink.  Now that it is finally done how do I feel about my decision? AMAZING! I love her more than ever. She is now, without a doubt of hesitation, the car of my dreams...
The most exciting part of the process was hitching her up to my caravan "Betty" and seeing the pink duo together for the very first time - they look soooo cute together.

Our first outing was down the hill from Maleny to the Ettamogah Pub at Aussie World - about half an hour's drive away where we attended the Australia Day Car show.  When we arrived the organisers were so happy to see us pull in. After having the event cancelled due to bad weather for the past two years, it had taken us this long to actually make it to this show. Although the weather was a bit grey and gloomy the crowds still flocked in and the reactions to the pink Cresta and Betty were incredible.  We ended up winning the viewers choice award! I was so happy that I cried! It was so nice to know that other people loved my pink babies as much as I did and I was the happiest woman on the planet.

It was so funny hearing so many people laugh and seeing the smiles on their faces when they noticed Cresta's new curly eyelashes

And that makes me happy too!