Friday, July 16, 2010

Vicky gets PINKED!

OK so the adventures of Vicky and Lisa have been a little slow lately - what can I say? It's been cold!
I realize now that I am more like a reptile than I thought. I must admit that I am finding it hard to get quite as excited about venturing out as I do when it's sunny and warm outside.
So I'm doing what the guy who wrote my runes book says; "when the fishermen can't fish, they repair nets"
So, what does a caravan nutter do when she's not out caravanning? She buys cans of pink paint of course! Having taken about enough of egg yellow as one girl can possibly handle, it was off with the yellow, and in with the pink! And she now looks sensational!!!!

With overseas family members and old college room mates descending upon me over the next month or so, Vicky will be called in for spare bedroom duties for a bit before we take off on any more road trips...
Vicky is a 1965 vintage Viscount 15-foot Duralvan